1950 Ranch House Exterior Colors - Color Inspiration (2023)

1950 Ranch House Exterior Colors – Looking at the “before” pictures of this house, it was almost hard to believe how much it had changed. Gone are the small, private rooms. The roof was raised and it was very large. And his origin is almost unknown.

The original house, dating from 1952, has been added to several times over the years. And it was visible from the outside as well. There were different types of cladding, different heights and a lack of real architectural style. Our goal was to create a complete look throughout the house – while making changes to the interior to make the house more lively.

1950 Ranch House Exterior Colors

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We removed the original front door (the living room would be a bedroom with a bathroom) and built a new entrance by building the house wall. We also installed new doors and windows.

A 27 Year Old Home Flipper Rehabbed Rundown 3 Homes — See Inside

Then we rearranged the whole house to give it a nice balanced look. Vinyl shingle siding looks more authentic while providing a maintenance-free look.

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At the back of the house, we rebuilt the failed patio and added some windows to bring more light into the kitchen and dining room. It is now a great outdoor living space for the new owners, with a large private garden and lots of space to relax and play.

Starting with a new front door, there are just as many changes on the inside as on the outside. This area started out as garage storage, but now it’s more useful as a mud room for getting rid of the boots and outerwear of Maine life (and have you seen that floor?? 💕💕)

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Bungalow Style Houses: Characteristics, Paint Colors, And History

I spent weeks peeling layers of paint off this old post and banister. Not looking good here?

The “wow” moment comes when you walk up the stairs and see the new living room. By removing the walls and raising the ceiling, the place no longer screams 1952. The large island that overlooks the dining and living areas has a warm, welcoming feel.

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The most important thing about creating space is removing walls from the original house. It’s a big job – you need beams designed to carry the new loads. But what a difference!

Why Ranch Style Houses Became One Of The Most Popular Types Of Homes

One of the big changes is raising the lower roof. The new cathedral ceiling looks great with the old beams of a church in New Brunswick!

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The old gas logs were torn out, and the fireplace returned to its original wood-burning appearance. We kept the original bookshelves – they were in good condition – but added new trim after the cathedral ceiling was built.

But there is so much more. The original sitting room (used as a laundry room) was converted into a bedroom by removing the old front door and installing a new double window to bring in more light.

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Millie’s Remodel: A 1950’s Ranch Renovation

The original bathtub received a much needed design. At one point, a shower was installed that was too wide, making the sidewalk too narrow.

But one of the biggest changes is the foundation. The previous owner ran an electronics repair business in the basement. Crack sets from electronics, manuals and more. Lots and lots of things!

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We cut everything out and insulated the walls before installing a new roof and walls. Now it’s a bright, welcoming space that can be used as a home office, playroom, or whatever the new owners want! We cut everything out (except the bookshelves) and exposed the thick concrete wall in the back.

S Ranch Brick Exterior Paint Ideas

Finally, I must mention the transformation of the entire infrastructure of the building. There were no outlets in the house, so everything had to be rewired, including the 10-wire smoke detector. We’ve improved insulation throughout and installed a high-efficiency heating system – which ultimately exceeds our energy targets. And obviously, the plumbing was updated along with kitchen and bath work. While this isn’t technically a new home, it’s pretty close!

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After all, the new owners love it and will be happy to make it their home for years to come. So now we move on to our next project – a very nice bungalow! Stay with us!

Tags: 1950s ranch renovation, ranch house before and after, maine gut renovation, maine renovation, one story house renovation, ranch renovation, the house my mom grew up in, a ranch style house in ranch style. It was also the house where I spent most of my childhood. The farm was built in 1954 and purchased by my grandparents in the early 1970s. The exterior is fitted with kitchen appliances in butter green. Since then, I’ve seen the house painted in Weber Bread pale blue, burgundy, and most recently a beautiful peach.

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Know Your Home: Ranch House Style

I found a great interview with Atomic Ranch Magazine editor Michael Cringery-Brown from Stir Magazine. Cringery-Brown explains that there are three color categories depending on the region. Eichler homes are painted in neutral colors, while Southern California and Florida ranch homes are painted in bright colors, and traditional homes are painted in white, brick, or natural finishes. From this account, it appears that my farm grandparents saw paint jobs in all three regions.

For those who want to get their 1950s house right from time to time, I found 3 Glidden exterior paint catalogs from 1958 and 1959. I bought them last summer at a farm estate sale. Catalogs from Dance Paint in Garden Grove.

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1958 Endurance Velvet offered a flat exterior for shingles, shakes and siding, with 24 colors to choose from. Ready-to-use colors were deep shades in the brown, green, and red family, while Tramadone colors were bright turquoise, lime green, and pink. Selling points include quick drying time, flat surface and paint that allowed walls to breathe.

House Makeovers That Are Almost Unbelievable

In 1959, Endurance House Paint offered 16 ready-to-use colors and 20 tramadone colors with a simple guide to choosing the best house paint based on the color of your roof. With the rise of suburban homes, Glidden has introduced colors to make your home stand out from the crowd.

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Spred Glide-On Exterior Vinyl Latex Paint (1959) Available for stucco, brick, concrete and asbestos shingle siding. Ready to use colors are 1-2 shades lighter. The climate colors are described as “California and Caribbean hues,” if I had to guess, for the many Southern California ranch houses with exterior stucco walls. Master do-it-yourselfer Chelsea Lipford Wolf, daughter of legendary entrepreneur and TV host Danny Lipford, is taking on one of her biggest projects yet: renovating her ranch-style home from top to bottom.

The co-host of Today’s Homeowner and creator of Checking In with Chelsea recently purchased a 1950s farmhouse in Spring Hill that she and husband Brandon are renovating for their growing family.

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Everything You Need To Know About Ranch Style Houses

The first stage of the project is to tackle the exterior of the house. Here, Chelsea walks us through the transition step by step, giving us expert tips along the way.

Although Chelsea was impressed with the overall style of her new home, the exterior paint color was lacking. The house needed a new coat of paint.

1950 Ranch House Exterior Colors - Color Inspiration (13)

How do you find a paint color you won’t regret? Chelsea recommends driving around your favorite neighborhood and taking pictures of the houses that catch your eye. Do you notice similarities between your favorite houses? This gives you a starting point to find the color you’ve been wanting for a long time.

Mercer Island Rambler Exterior

When renovating the front of the house, it is important to preserve the beauty of the front door. “For me, the front door was the main focus because a real wood door is classy and classy,” says Chelsea. “I’ve been obsessed with light wood tones for a while, so I love light and fresh doors.”

1950 Ranch House Exterior Colors - Color Inspiration (14)

Chelsea and Brandon’s house was built in 1956, so the original rusty, leaky windows needed to be replaced. After measurements were taken, low-opening, energy-efficient JELD-WEN windows were installed around the perimeter of the house and sealed with Duramaster, a new flexible seal, to make them weatherproof and waterproof.

Chelsea’s home cable was big, pink, in his line of sight. Molding the cedar directly into the stucco wasn’t an option, so he placed 1x4s on top of the stucco and nailed the 1x4s. He used Tidebond heavy duty construction glue to hold most of the supports to the shake and nails.

1950 Ranch House Exterior Colors - Color Inspiration (15)

Ranch Style Home Hi Res Stock Photography And Images

Replacing the dark pink stucco was more complicated than he first thought. “We know the cable above the porch is stucco, or at least stuccoed,” Chelsea says. “We didn’t know, it was real, hard stucco with nails ‘falling off.’ Fortunately, the masonry screws helped. That was an extra step, but the 1x4s had to be installed with the masonry screws so we could easily pull the cedar shakes.”

Like the windows, the old garage door was rusting and leaking. The home needed a functional and stylish new garage door. Chelsea and

1950 Ranch House Exterior Colors - Color Inspiration (16)

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