Navajo White Paint Benjamin Moore - Paint Color Ideas (2023)

Navajo White Paint Benjamin Moore – Choosing a paint color for the walls of your home is a responsible task because you will see that color for a long time.

Because repainting your home’s interior can be a messy (and time-consuming) business, most homeowners want to figure it out right away: What paint color do I need?

Navajo White Paint Benjamin Moore

Navajo White Paint Benjamin Moore - Paint Color Ideas (1)

It’s much easier to find the right paint than fumbling through paint cans and brushes every time you don’t like your new wall shade.

Behr Premium Plus 1 Gal. #22 Navajo White Semi Gloss Enamel Low Odor Interior Paint & Primer 305001

Therefore, this article will be useful for those who are thinking of using Benjamin Moore brand Navajo White OC-95 paint color.

We tell you what color it is, what underline it is, and how this paint reacts to light. You will also learn which rooms this paint color looks best in and more useful information.

Benjamin Moore Brand’s Navajo White OC-95 is considered a beautiful and creamy white, according to the Paint Color Encyclopedia.

Because this shade of white has creamy undertones, some homeowners often prefer to avoid it, fearing that it will bring out a noticeable yellow or yellowish tint.

Navajo White Paint Sample By Benjamin Moore (947)

It’s a very light creamy yellow, but the shade is so soft and subtle that it warms up this white color nicely!

However, if you are looking for a crisp and clear white or any other shade of true white, this paint color is not for you! Don’t be fooled by the word “white” in the paint name.

As this color is creamy, it has a yellow undertone. You can’t escape it, what you can do is use this color in an area where its yellow side is less noticeable.

Navajo White Paint Benjamin Moore - Paint Color Ideas (2)

What color is Navajo White OC-95? Navajo White Undertones How does Navajo White OC-95 color react to light? Colors That Go With BM Navajo White Paint Color Best Trim Colors For Navajo White Paint Color Coordinates For BM Navajo White Where Can You Use This Color? Navajo White OC-95 in Bedroom Navajo White OC-95 in Bedroom Navajo White OC-95 and Kitchen Cabinets Navajo White OC-95 White vs. Alabaster Navajo White vs. Swiss Coffee Navajo White vs. Swiss Coffee Navajo White vs. Antique White FAQ ⭐Navajo White Which Is there paint in the paint? ⭐Are Benjamin Moore Navajo White and Sherwin Williams Navajo White the same? ⭐What colors compliment Navajo White?

The Most Popular Paint Colors In America

When it comes to how paint colors look on walls, undertones always make colors a little trickier. That’s why it’s important to consider the base of your chosen paint before you start applying it to your walls.

As for Benjamin Moore’s Navajo White paint color, it has a slight and very visible yellow tint.

However, this yellow paint does not turn yellow. This keeps the color warm on the wall.

Also, you should note that such cream colors are usually yellow-green or yellow-orange in color.

The 8 Best ‘whole Home’ Warm Neutral Paint Colors

Speaking of Navaho White, it’s yellow-orange in color, but not overly so. Just calm the turmeric and keep it at bay.

Knowing how certain paint colors react to light can be very helpful. This way you can predict how the color you choose will read on your walls. But to do that, you need to know what LRV paint color is.

For those of you who don’t know, LRV stands for Light Reflectance Value. This shows how much light the paint color will reflect.

Navajo White Paint Benjamin Moore - Paint Color Ideas (3)

The higher the LRV, the more light is reflected back into the room. On the LRV scale, zero is pitch black and 100 is pure white. The LRV is 78 in BM Navajo White paint (in some sources, you may find information that says 79).

Navajo White By Benjamin Moore

What exactly does this mean? This creamy white is known as an off-white paint color.

Thanks to the undertones and softness of this color, it can be used in very dark rooms as well as in rooms with sufficient light. Don’t worry, Navajo White isn’t as washed out as you might think!

The Navajo White paint color works well in a cool northern room because of its cream and yellow undertones. But in a room with flat eastern afternoon light, this paint looks great!

So, now you have a better understanding of this white paint color by Benjamin Moore brand. And to help you figure out what colors it goes well with, we recommend checking out the section below.

Would Navajo White Make A Good Foyer Color?

If you’re looking for a matching color that will look great with Navajo White on your cabinets or trim, here are some tips to consider:

You might be surprised, but the best trim color for Navajo White is…white. Yes, it may sound ridiculous, but it’s true. White with another white. Make sure the two are not too different in terms of undertones and coolness or warmth.

To choose colors that are compatible with the main color on the walls, you need to know how to choose coordinating shades. To coordinate colors that balance well with Benjamin Moore Navajo White paint, we can recommend the following:

Navajo White Paint Benjamin Moore - Paint Color Ideas (4)

It doesn’t matter if you use them all at once or choose one or two from the list, the resulting color palette will be perfectly balanced in terms of tones and color saturation.

Prestige Paints Interior Paint And Primer In One, 1 Gallon, Eggshell, Comparable Match Of Benjamin Moore* Navajo White*

Like many white paint colors, Chantilly lace is extremely versatile. You can basically use it for almost any room in your home. However, we recommend looking at the illustrations below to see how this white color will show up in different locations.

This creamy white looks great in a living room with lots of light and daylight. However, note that if the light is warmer (for example, south), the color will become more yellow due to its undertones!

And because it’s white (which means it’s versatile), this color can be a great background for any interior design and decor. In particular, it looks great with wooden furniture and decorative items, stone fireplaces and natural fabrics such as linen.

To create a cozy and warm atmosphere in your bedroom, try painting its walls Navajo White. This cream helps the white room to be visually more spacious and at the same time airy and bright.

Element Guard™ Exterior Paint

For the kitchen as well, this paint color is a good choice. It pairs well with brass or gold hardware, metal and/or wood elements (eg plates), as well as wood furniture.

As a white color, Navajo White makes a harmonious combination with different colors like black or red (if it’s not too bright)! So feel free if you want to experiment!

However, when it comes to kitchen cabinets, this creamy white can be a little harder to beat. See, even though it’s a very popular color to use on kitchen cabinets, people often struggle with coordinating paint colors.

Navajo White Paint Benjamin Moore - Paint Color Ideas (5)

Although some whites do not fare well outdoors, the Navajo white is an exception. You have to remember that it can often read much hotter than the sample! If you live in an area with a lot of daylight, be prepared to read your house as an almost pale gray, especially on a sunny day!

The Best White Paint Colors

So, as you can see by now, Benjamin Moore’s Navajo White paint color is a very versatile color despite being white (well, creamy white, to be exact).

So the next time you decide to update the interior of your home, don’t skip this color as one of the options!

If you change your mind and want a slightly different white than BM Navajo White, you should know that other whites can be used as alternate colors. Below, you can see some of the colors.

White colors are often the same for most of us. But they are still different, because there is warm white and cold white, as well as light and colorless. Additionally, whites have different undertones.

Benjamin Moore White Paint Colors

Below, you can compare Benjamin Moore’s Navajo White paint color to some other white colors so you can better understand the topic.

Almost reads peach with Navajo White Alabaster! By comparison, alabaster shows more of its subtle brown color. Although both colors are warm, they look very different, so it’s not a good idea to use them together.

Compared to Swiss coffee, Navajo White is warmer and more pronounced in its yellow-orange color. But even though both colors are hot, we wouldn’t call them that

Navajo White Paint Benjamin Moore - Paint Color Ideas (6)

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